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Hair Spa
The first Massage Hair Spa Treatment in Gold Coast. This service is more focus on washing hair w shampoo meanwhile massaging your head, neck and shoulders. Highly recommended for those who love head massage.

60mins session @$100

Add on 
20mins Mini Facial @$30
20mins Hand or Foot Massage @$30
Steps of purely Hair Spa treatment involves steps 2,3,5,6 and 8
(Full Steps with adding on 20mins mini facial) 

1. 2 X Face cleansing and exfoliation (add on Facial)
2. Head GuaSha with tool
3. Water circulation with Chinese herb and gently massage
4. Enzymes face mask (add on Facial)
5. Head, neck n shoulder massage with shampoo
6. Rinse and hair mask with hot steamer (10mins/unchangeable) (add on hand or/and foot massage)
7. Face massage (add on Facial)
8. Blow dry (At least 5mins/unchangeable)

Please note that This treatment is focused on head, neck shoulder massage, NOT hair stylish, we Do not spend much time in blowing dry and brushing your hair. if you have long and tick hair, please let us know if you prefer to have dry hair. Thanks
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Body Exfoliation Spa w Sauna Blanket
Body exfoliation spa is a rejuvenating treatment that involves the removal of dead skin cells, leaving the skin refreshed, smooth, and radiant. This spa experience typically includes the use of exfoliating scrubs or brush to cleanse and revitalize the skin, promoting improved circulation and a healthier glow

60mins treatment @$100
- 30mins back and back legs exfoliation with massage + 30mins GuaSha or Hot    Stone facial w Sauna Blanket 

90mins treatment @$130
-  45mins whole body exfoliation with massage + 45mins GuaSha or Hot Stone        facial w Sauna Blanket and face mask with head massage

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